About Lawyer Rescue

Services Offered

From “quick and dirty” summaries of legal issues to complex appellate briefs, I provide legal research and writing services to solo and small-firm attorneys on a per-case basis. I also provide strategic litigation consulting services for trial attorneys in all U.S. jurisdictions.

Please understand that while I am licensed to practice law in the State of South Carolina, I am on inactive status with the Bar and I no longer “practice law.” I provide litigation-related services in multiple jurisdictions and cannot be held out to your clients as a practicing attorney.

Click here to view the Lawyer Rescue retainer agreement in PDF form, required for all new clients on your first project with Lawyer Rescue.

How Your Project Is Billed

I bill at a regular standard hourly rate, unless you request my services on an emergency matter. An “emergency matter” is any project or deliverable which you will require from me in 48 hours or less. To get a personalized quote for your matter, you can contact me through this form or call me at 843.343.2378.

When the work is done, or if the case is a long-term matter, on a monthly basis, I will issue you an itemized invoice through a website called Freshbooks. That invoice will be emailed to you at the email address you provide me for this purpose.

Lawyer Rescue bills on an hourly basis. The cost for a particular project depends on the number and complexity of the issues as well as the breadth of the research required. I do not exceed cost estimates without your consent, and I am happy to work with limited budgets.

Lawyer Rescue News

Recently, Alexia was interviewed by Nicole Black for MyCase’s popular practice management blog. Click here to read more about Lawyer Rescue, and how Alexia uses MyCase to streamline delivery to her clients.